Identifying Influential Influencers

November 11, 2009 at 10:51 am Leave a comment

The Guardian and The Observer have published research exploring ‘Word of Mouth’ and how to distinguish the influentials from the not so influentials. As a result of this research, a quick checklist – ACTIVE – has been created with which researchers suggest an individual’s potential buzz factor can be predicted.

  • Ahead in Adoption does not necessarily mean being at the edge of discovery, but ahead of the mainstream.
  • Connected means having lots of connections, but important that there is a range of them.
  • Traveller means having more frequent contact with other countries, their people and most importantly their ideas and perspectives.
  • Information hungry people who always want to learn more, constantly seeking out and exchanging new facts and ideas.
  • Being Vocal does not necessarily mean loud and dominant; but keen to discuss thoughts and share information and experiences.
  • Exposed to Media refers to people who are voracious consumers of mass media, particularly print or the internet.

Applying this concept to the online landscape, this checklist could help in the process of identifying the influencers and thought leaders in the blogosphere and twitterverse.

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