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Who should have the hand on the purse strings?

A report published this week suggests that one in ten of schools in Birmingham are in the red. This is not a unique situation facing Birmingham City Council. Most authorities in the land will have schools where the finances are out of control.

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A Tale For Two Cities

I was in Manchester recently for dinner with client colleagues. A very enjoyable experience. Great food, atmospheric restaurant and it was good to be back in one of the country’s best cities.

You may have just been stopped in your tracks. A Brummie praising Manchester- our historic nemesis. Yes I have.

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Is The Sun setting on the Tories a dark day for Labour?

There is no doubt about it – the timing of the announcement was brilliant.

The achievement – maximum impact- the result- copious coverage.

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Which line to take on the region’s latest transport dilemma?

So the region faces another transport opportunity that could transform not only our movements but our connectivity and integration nationally and internationally and yet we are poised to pull ourselves apart over it.

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Radio Listening in the West Midlands, Q2 2009

When RAJAR replaced JICRAR as the official listening survey for radio it did two things for the industry. One was positive and one negative…

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