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Tom Tops in Twits Two

Some interesting feedback and comments on our first Birmingham’s Biggest Tweeters post.


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Birmingham’s Biggest Tweeters

There are a number of tools around for calculating the popularity and impact of particular twitter feeds. As a consultancy interested in helping clients to influence and engage – rather than simply promote – we were struck by TweetLevel which has been developed by Edelman, a leading PR agency (one day, people will use tools developed by Urban but we’ll live with drawing on the greater resources of more established agencies for now!).

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The Big Debate: Opening Up

I’m a little slower to post my thoughts after the Big Debate than the excellent analysis and follow ups from the likes of Dave Harte and Paul Bradshaw or the instant (and spot on) post from Andrew Brightwell. That’s what comes of being a corporate comms type, wanting to have your thoughts structured and every dot and comma in their perfect place.

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Why the Creative Industries Matter to Birmingham

The Creative Birmingham Partnership Board – which brings together public agencies supporting the creative industries and private sector representatives – commissioned its second baseline study of Birmingham’s creative economy in May. The report, undertaken by BOP Consulting and funded by Birmingham City Council, is close to completion.

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A Tale For Two Cities

I was in Manchester recently for dinner with client colleagues. A very enjoyable experience. Great food, atmospheric restaurant and it was good to be back in one of the country’s best cities.

You may have just been stopped in your tracks. A Brummie praising Manchester- our historic nemesis. Yes I have.

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Brand Dutton and Brand Birmingham

The main thing that strikes you reading the Birmingham Post interview with Clive Dutton last week is that a top notch international PR agency is not needed to promote Brand Dutton.

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The Big Debate

Urban managing director, Kevin Johnson, has penned his first ‘official’ blog for the Birmingham Post ahead of the Big Debate on 2nd November 2009.  Please click here for Kevin’s musings on the current state of our region’s creative industry.

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