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HS2 – have your say : Midlands : Insider News : Insider Media Ltd

HS2 – have your say : Midlands : Insider News : Insider Media Ltd

via HS2 – have your say : Midlands : Insider News : Insider Media Ltd.

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LibDems get a Sixth Sense

So, the LibDems fall to sixth in the Barnsley by-election. It must be quite a sinking feeling for Nick Clegg this morning.

The general media buzz (and most of the vox pops it has to be said) is that the LibDems are a washed up force. That’s far from certain.

If there is a lesson from the Blair years in terms of media manipulation, it’s surely that there was too short term a focus on tomorrow’s media headlines. If Clegg and his team are worried by the outlook today, they should remain firmly fixed on the long term horizon.

4th March 2011 newspaper stories will mean nothing come May 2015. The LibDem test will be on whether the deficit has been filled in (at least in part) alongside a return to reasonable economic growth. Add in some very liberal social policies and some political/constitutional reforms and the exaggerated claims of the party’s death will be in the newspaper archives.

It won’t be quite that simple of course. As developments in North Africa/Middle East underline, it’s events “dear boy” that do for most politicians. Just ask the former French Foreign Minister. Clegg and co will be less tested on tuition fees and budget deficits than they will be on how they respond to crisis and unforeseen events.

For anxious Lib Dems today, keep your eyes on the long term prize (oh and improve the media performances of your Cabinet Ministers…Clegg, Cable & Alexander are not doing themselves or you any great favours on the TV and radio right now).


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Sky is the Limit

So, another success for Rupert Murdoch with a neat solution that seeks to resolve issues regarding the concentration of news media with one owner by convincing the Culture Secretary his independent proposals for Sky News will be effective.

The debate about the concentration of media with the Murdochs will roll on. Rightly so. Beyond the really big questions around media ownership, two questions will remain unanswered.

Without Murdoch’s massive investment in satellite TV in the late 80’s/early 90’s, would our multichannel, on demand world be in play today. Rolling news, Sky+, Premiership football anyone?

With a little more circumspection, Dr Cable would have been the one making today’s decision. Would it have been the same outcome?

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